At Cummins Label, we know that your product is unique and so are your needs. One of the most effective methods for marketing your product is the label attached to it. Therefore, we understand our responsibility to supply high-quality, eye-catching labels.  We take pride in being the business partner that will help you brand your merchandise. Cummins Label prints custom labels for nearly every sector of the marketplace, including food, beverage, medical equipment, personal hygiene, pet care, household goods, and much more. If you’re new to label buying, we can help you through the process. To get started, these 5 easy steps will help to ensure you receive the highest quality label possible.

  1. Size – To determine the size of the label required, you’ll need to measure the container on which the label will be applied.
  2. Shape – Once you know the size, you’ll need to choose a die to cut the shape of your custom labels. Cummins Label has a vast inventory of dies, however if you’d like something unique, we can create a custom die.
  3. Material – Selecting the correct material is an essential step in the label buying process. The following basic questions can help us suggest the best material for your labels. Please remember, our recommendation is just that…a recommendation. We always suggest that you test the material and it’s adhesive. We are happy to supply sample material for testing.
    • What type of surface will the label be applied to?
    • Will the label be subjected to moisture?
    • Will the label be in direct sunlight?
    • Will the finished product be frozen?
    • Does the label need to be removable or is it permanent?
    • Are UL markings required on this label?
  4. Artwork – The artwork on your label will be what draws the consumer to your product. You’ve probably invested a considerable amount of time into the artwork design.  Our Art Department will review your artwork to ensure it is ready for press. Simply email your artwork in an industry-standard format to us. If you don’t have a label design just yet, bring us your ideas and let’s work together on it!
  5. Approve and Print – Once our Art Department prepares your label art, we’ll send you a proof. This is your final chance for review before your labels go to press. You’ll want to thoroughly check for any errors including: spelling, size, color, etc. This is time to make any corrections or revisions because we truly want your custom labels to be perfect! Once you are sure that your label is correct, simply give us your approval, and it’s off to the presses!

Cummins Label takes quality very seriously! Your custom labels are inspected multiple times during the printing process to ensure consistency throughout the run. Once the order is complete, a final inspection is completed to confirm that the finished product matches the specs of the order. After your labels have passed inspection, we’ll wind them to your specified number of labels per roll and carefully package them for shipping.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The lead time for the printing process is 10 days following proof approval. If this timeframe does not meet your deadline, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to be accommodating.
  • Please factor shipping time into your deadline. Shipping times can vary depending on your location.
  • An initial printing of a custom label will require some upfront set-up fees for art, plates, and possibly a custom-made die. However, these charges will not apply for label reorders.
  • Art fees charged on an initial order cover time spent to prepare your labels for press. Plates are used to print the image onto the material. The number of plates needed will equal the number of colors on your label. For example, let’s say your label is blue and black. You’ll need 2 plates; 1 for blue and 1 for black. Generally speaking, the fewer the printing colors, the cheaper the label.

We hope this guideline will make you feel comfortable about the custom label buying process. Cummins Label aims to be your trusted partner when it comes to establishing the unique identity of your brand. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in any way possible. Give us a call today at 1-800-280-7589.